Developing supply chain real estate in mission-critical locations.

Adana Capital is a privately-held investment and development firm exclusively focused on the real estate and businesses that support global supply chains.


adana /’a:da:’na:/ 

Adana Capital is a privately-held Houston-based firm that focuses exclusively on supply chain real estate and transportation and logistics users.

Our investment philosophy is inspired by the city of Adana: one of the longest continuously inhabited settlements in the world. Located in Turkey along the Silk Road, Adana is one of the oldest gateways of commodities and trade and to this day remains a center for regional trade and logistics.

Adana Capital has over 40 years of experience in planning, developing, and investing in supply chain real estate. Our team combines a top-down macro approach with bottom-up construction execution to deliver real estate solutions in the most supply constrained markets. Through our relationships and analytics, we seek to focus on select opportunities where our experience and expertise can deliver superior risk-adjusted performance.

Adana Capital seeks to own and operate a portfolio of supply chain real estate in structurally-critical locations - investing in strategic cities just like Adana.


We buy developable land or existing assets that have a significant outdoor storage component near major transportation infrastructure across the United States.

Along major logistical corridors
Near container seaports
Major highway access
Near Class I railyards
Near cargo-focused airports
$1 to $10 Million
Single asset or portfolio transactions
Redevelopment or vacant transactions

Charles co-founded Adana Capital to focus on targeted industrial opportunities that provide outsized risk-adjusted returns. At Adana, Charles leads overall strategy and acquisitions. Prior to Adana Capital, Charles led strategy and acquisitions across the country for Triten’s institutionally-backed $400M Industrial Service Facilities (ISF) fund platform. Prior to Triten, Charles was a commodities trader where he utilized global ISF assets to move physical commodities from places where they were over-supplied to where they were in highest demand.

Charles graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Finance and has an MBA from Rice University with a concentration in Real Estate.


Ross is a co-founder of Adana Capital and leads all development and asset management. Prior to Adana Capital, Ross was Director of Construction for Triten’s $400M ISF fund platform. Ross has over 35 years of experience in senior construction and development roles in the United States and internationally. Since 1982, Ross has developed over 500 acres of raw land sites and executed on over $1 billion of road and utility infrastructure in industrial parks and residential master-planned communities. In 2009, Ross’ Miller Ranch development in Aspen, Colorado ($41m workforce housing development) was awarded the ULI Jack Kemp Models of Excellence Award.

Ross graduated with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture and completed post-graduate studies in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin.


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